Winter Swing Weekend 2017

24-26 November 2017 at Edinburgh Academy

Dance your woolly socks off!

Join us in a weekend full of music and fun, with three sets of top-notch international teachers, lots of dancing, and three awesome bands!

We’ve got 9 hours of classes  at 3 levels with the fabulous Emelie and Rebecka (Sweden), Guy and Yana (Israel), and Aurélien and Aurore (France). Plus three big parties with Ali Affleck and Speakeasy Swing, The Shiverin’ Sheiks, and Rianna and the Hops. And some bonus yoga to keep those muscles moving!

Bookings open at 5pm on Sunday 9 July.


The Weekend

The weekend starts with our Welcome Dance, from 8pm on Friday 24th, when you can register and dance the night away to the first of our bands, Ali Affleck and Speakeasy Swing.

On Saturday doors open at 9.30am for registration and warm-up, followed by 5 hours of classes. 4 hours at your chosen level, plus a taster class for all. Once you can move no more, we will bring in some yoga magic to ease your sores and get you back in shape for the party. The wonderful Shiverin’ Sheiks from Glasgow are our second band and will play for our Winter Wonderland Party on Saturday night, with doors opening at 8pm.

Continue dancing on Sunday with doors opening at 9:30am for the keen to break bread together and warm-up (don’t worry, the first class starts at 10am). You are getting another 4 hours of classes before our Mad Hatter Tea Dance starting at 3:30pm. Tea (yeah!), cakes (all right!) and Rianna and The Hops for your social dancing extravaganza (show us what you learned little bunnies, hop hop hop).




The DecaVitas:Emelie and Rebecka (Sweden)

Guy Grassiani & Yana Mestelman (Israel)

Aurore Sapaly & Aurelien Faravelon (France)

More details on our awesome teachers coming soon!



Friday – Ali Affleck and Speakeasy Swing

Led by award winning vocalist Ali, Scotland’s most fun vintage band ‘Speakeasy Swing’ present their fabulously varied selection of swinging songs from the 1920s to the 1940s. With a few bluesier numbers thrown in too, we promise a superbly energetic and cheery performance!


Saturday – The Shiverin’ Sheiks

Bombastic 50’s pop, Country Gospel, Dancefloor Rock n’ Roll and Doo Wop from these wandering princes of the desert. A dynamite live band honed on a diet of 300 gigs a year they present an original take on music from the atomic age, the prohibition era and british beat music.

“The Shiverin’ Sheiks have got the gospel-like swing with the choir like singing to go with it” – Blues Magazine, Holland


Sunday – Rianna and the Hops

Energetic, upbeat swing from Count Basie to self-penned originals, sang with deep soul by the incomparable Rianna Walcott, and backed by her ‘In the pocket’ band, The Hops.

Bookings open at 5pm on Sunday 9 July.



We get lots of questions about levels, so here’s a bit of guidance! Please pick the level that matches your experience best. Remember that levels are about making sure you’re in a group of people who have similar skills. This is so everyone gets the most they can out of the weekend.

Teachers have the right to move you to a different level if they feel you’ve not placed yourself in the right one. If you’re in doubt about where you should be, ask us!


You have been attending classes on regular basis for at least 4 months. You can dance the fundamentals and you rock out on the social dance floor after lessons to practice. You want to gain the confidence needed to become the dancing queen you know you are at heart. You want to expand your basic move repertoire, learn some flashy stuff to show-off, but also really cement those fundamentals.


You can dance and you know it. You’re regularly out on the social dance floor wearing your shoes out bare. You have been hooked, addicted for at least a year and a bit, and you get your shot of fun at least once a week with classes and socials. You have sacrificed your precious weekends for dancing before. You’d like to be able to add to your repertoire and increase your dance vocabulary. This level will help you improve your dance skills, providing more challenging material for you and developing core concepts such as rhythm, lead/follow technique, etc.


Not for the faint-hearted! You are an extremely confident dancer who has been dancing for 3+ years. You social dance with ease and regularly attend workshops and dance camps with top-level teachers. Your dancing has strong fundamentals onto which you add your own styling and individuality. You improvise, you jazz, you switch and steal. You should be capable of learning complex partner and solo routines. You may be part of a performance troupe or be a teacher in your own scene. Classes at this level will help you incorporate more complex rhythms into your dancing, add different footwork patterns and improve the connection between you and your partner.

Bookings open at 5pm on Sunday 9 July.