Our Thursday classes are progressive with a new term suitable for absolute beginners commencing every 7/8 weeks.  

Our next term for absolute beginners will start after the summer break on an amazing new floor on Thursday 7th September!

You don’t need to bring a partner or sign up in advance – just come along on the night!

Classes are Thursday nights at Stockbridge House, 2 Cheyne St, Edinburgh EH4 1JB.

Current term

We’ve extended the current term 4 extra weeks, so we’ll have extra beginners classes every week until Thursday 13th July.

Social dancing as usual with mixed intermediate/advanced classes downstairs as well as open practice sessions upstairs afterwards.

Then on 20 July, before the festival break, we’ll have out end of term band night and summer party at Lauriston Hall. We’ve got Iain Ewing and the Chevaliers playing for us all night! Please note this is not our usual venue. Prices will be the same as usual for the night and you can pay on the door.

We’ll then be taking a break for the summer while the LifeCare centre does some renovations.


7:30 – 8:30pm • Level 1 Beginners

8:30 – 9:15pm • Social Dancing

9:15 – 10:15pm • Level 2/3 Improvers/Intermediates


£4.00 for the entire evening for members, students, and concessions.
£5.00 for the entire evening for non-members.

If you’ve completed the 7-week block of Level 1 Beginner classes, we recommend that you continue to take this class in conjunction with your Level 2 class. There is no extra charge!

Level Descriptions

Level 1 – Beginners

You’ve never danced before and you have no knowledge or experience with anything to do with Lindy Hop. Within a single 7-week block, you’ll be introduced to the 8-beat and 6-beat footwork patterns, as well as the Charleston. Once you’ve completed a 7-week Beginners block, it’s time to move up to the Level 2 class, but remember you can still take the level 1 class in the same night at no extra charge.

Level 2 – Improvers

You are now considered an Advanced Beginner. Here we’ll get a little more complicated by combining the different footwork patterns, such as doing the 8-beat and Charleston steps within a single song. We’ll also introduce you to the Tandem Charleston, and we’ll start to get a little more technical with your swingouts and/ Lindy turns!

Level 3 – Intermediates

Now you’re starting to become a Lindy Hopper! In this class, your swingouts and Lindy turns will improve considerably. We’ll give you that extra challenge by teaching and expanding on specialised moves, focusing on technique, and discussing more advanced topics such as musicality.