Edinburgh Swing Dance Society (ESDS) is an informal society of dancers which exists to encourage and promote social swing dancing in Scotland, by organising classes, workshops and dance nights. We mainly offer classes in Lindy Hop, but also dance Charleston and Balboa, plus jazz routines and ‘strolls’ such as the Shim Sham and the Jitterbug Stroll.

ESDS was formed in 1996 by local dancers Rhona and Niall Davies with Russell Sargeant and Carolene Hinds, leading members of The Jiving Lindy Hoppers who provided an enormous amount of support in the early years. The group was the first swing dance organisation in Scotland and we pride ourselves in our warm and welcoming atmosphere where all members are encouraged to share their experience, knowledge, and passion for swing, music, and culture.

The Society is run on a not-for-profit basis with none of the local contributors taking fees for teaching, administering, or organising classes or events.  We run weekly classes with any surplus income used to support weekend events with the highest quality teachers from around the world.

We remain wholly reliant on the enthusiasm, commitment, support and goodwill of the many volunteers who have contributed over the years, whether by teaching classes, running events, managing websites, staffing registration desks, storing equipment or filling water jugs and running around clearing up after an evening or weekend of dancing.

In early 2017 the structure was formalised by the election of our first committee.  Anyone can help the Society, whether by standing for election to the committee, volunteering to teach classes, helping at events or classes, or simply being a friendly ambassador for Swing in Edinburgh!

We look forward to seeing you on the dance floor soon.


You don’t have to be a full member of ESDS to attend our events, but if you do join you get discounted prices at ESDS and other reciprocal events, and an opportunity to partake in the running of the society and vote at the AGM.

Annual membership runs from January to December and costs £8.