ESDS Annual General Meeting – Decisions

At the first ESDS Annual General Meeting on 26th January the following people were elected to serve on the 2017 committee.

  • Nick Harrison
  • Rhona Davies
  • Niall Davies
  • Helen Culbert
  • Kate Amann
  • Chris Woodall
  • George Young
  • Valerie McIntosh
  • Miglė Petruškevičiūtė

Kate Amann, Valerie McIntosh and Chris Woodall were elected as Chair, Secretary and Treasurer respectively.

It was agreed that

  1. the annual fee for Full Membership in 2017 would be £8, and
  2. the charges for Thursday Night classes would be £4 (ESDS Full Members, ESDS Full Life Members and Concessions) and £5 (all others – i.e. Temporary Members).

Also, it was unanimously agreed that the 2016 excess funds of £2,510.30 would be donated to Lifecare (Stockbridge House) as a contribution to the fund for the renovation of the George Young Hall.

The proposed amendments to the ESDS constitution were accepted. The new constitution can be found here: ESDS Constitution (2017-01-26)