Changes at ESDS

We’d like to make you aware of some big changes at ESDS.

Firstly, as some of you will already know, Cathy Harrison has decided to take a break from teaching at ESDS and taught her last class in December. As the shining and leading light of the ESDS teaching team for many years now, we are going to miss the wonderful energy, personality and style that she has brought to Thursday nights at Stockbridge House. We all send her our very best wishes and enormous thanks.

The other big change is that, after 20 years of running on an informal basis, it has been decided that ESDS will move over to having a a committee elected by the membership and a formal constitution. The first annual general meeting will take place on 26th January at Stockbridge House. Amongst other things we will be electing people to serve on the ESDS Committee. Nominations should be sent, ahead of the meeting, to You will find the ESDS constitution here. It gives lots of information about how ESDS will be run and everyones’ responsibilities.